Italian Chamber of Commerce Nice Sophia Antipolis

It is an organisation recognised by the Italian Government; it federates Italian, French and Monegasque companies. The Chamber plays the dual role of promoting and facilitating commercial and cultural relations between the two countries, and offers businesses and individuals a wide range of innovative and personalised solutions.

Its excellent relations with Italian and French institutions and professional bodies, the knowledge of the Italian market and the establishment on French territory, place the Italian Chamber at the heart of a vast international network, essential for the development of transnational projects.

The Chamber has considerable experience with Interreg projects and cooperates in Erasmus KA2 projects with the coordination of partnerships.


DomSpain is a training and consulting company active on a national and international level.

It offers a variety of services to the public and private sector of Spain and actively participates in international schemes through a well-established network of partners abroad. DomSpain is engaged in the EU Pact for Skills. In the VET sector, the Training department of DomSpain focus on ICT, foreign languages, employability, and work-based learning. In the field of tourism, DomSpain, together with partners from 7 EU countries, has developed the “Enforce” project“, which aims to create regenerative tourism to enhance visitors’ experiences through storytelling:, DomSpain is involved in the Erasmus+ Guide Me Green project, focusing on the development of tourism immersive experiences.

In addition, DomSpain organises campaigns to raise awareness on the importance of cultural heritage and, especially, making it accessible and inclusive for all.

Taste Roots Società Cooperativa

Taste Roots Cooperative Society is a start-up set up in July 2017 whose main focus is digital rural development and sustainable practices for eco-compatible tourism. Its working area is Latina county, in southern part of Rome.

Taste Roots has been established to combine the experience in business development, digital communication, project management and training gained by the founding members. Those experiences have been gained during the activities/projects carried out as freelancers working in the field of training/education of youth and adults, as well as European project management (front-desk, fundraising, project communication, output delivery, etc.).


EURAKOM, founded in 2005 by Nicolas Fourcroy, is a French boutique consultancy working across sectors with a wide range of public authorities, private companies and organisations at all levels to accompany their projects and initiatives from concept to implementation. EURAKOM also offers thematic expertise in areas such as education and culture, sustainability, tourism and food ecosystem, entrepreneurship, energy, transport, legal services and European affairs.

EURAKOM has been instrumental to the development of sustainable regional tourism flagship projects such as Tropicalia, the world’s largest sustainable Greenhouse, or the successful bid for European Region of Gastronomy of Hauts-de-France in 2019/2020 and others. For large-scale projects and activities, EURAKOM works with a cross sectoral bottom-up approach to maximise impact and ensure project uptake and success.

EURAKOM is a Green Destinations representative for France and Belgium and a member of the Global Sustainable Tourism Council (GSTC).


Eurosuccess Consulting is a consulting & training organization consisting of a dynamic team of young individuals with expertise in project management, research, training, and educational development. The company aims to inform and support individuals, enterprises, and organizations regarding the exploitation of various European and National Funds, to develop their strategic objectives and meet their operational and educational needs.

The philosophy of Eurosuccess Consulting is embraced within the following four principles: Execute, Review, Improve, and Redesign. Through this approach, Eurosuccess aims towards a continuous improvement of its counselling and development activities.

Due to the vast experience, knowledge and capabilities gained, as well as the established network with public and private bodies in Cyprus and abroad, Eurosuccess Consulting is in position to support any efforts needed for the development of successful and competitive proposals, as well as the implementation of innovative projects.


CoopérationBancaire pour l’Europe is a Brussels-based European Economic Interest Grouping (EEIG), funded in 1992 by a group of European banks. CBE has 10 members from 3 European Countries, including European banks and chambers of commerce, therefore reaching a large network of banks, SMEs and economic associations from all over Europe.

CBE aims to foster economic development in Europe by providing its members and their clients with information and support to properly understand EU policies and strategies.

The final aim of CBE is supporting innovative SMEs in getting access to EU market and finance. CBE carries out several initiatives aimed at helping European SME’s and public authorities to develop internationalization processes and to access EU funds.

CBE acts as a bridge between the EU and Italian entrepreneurs by providing information, guide and support in accessing EU funding and taking advantage of other opportunities offered in the context of the EU. The project’s activities would strengthen CBE’s position as a “bridging partner” for Small and Medium Enterprise in Italy and enable us to involve medium sized banks in the delivery of access to finance opportunities. is an IT, Training and Consultancy company, focused on web development, digital transformation, and business consulting. The company is working with schools, VET institutions, training organisations, chambers, NGOs, and other public and private organisations, in Greece and the EU.

The main aim of the company is the digital transformation of businesses and organisations, through the innovative exploitation of existing tools guaranteeing a swift, sustainable, and effective process. is combining training and IT services, by focusing on digital interactive training, through developing and creating online training courses, educational games, gamification tools, web and mobile applications, using new and innovative technologies, totally respecting WCAG2.0 (accessibility protocols).

Bulgarian Association of Wine Professionals

BAWP is an expert organisation of professionals across all sectors linked to Bulgarian wine.

The Association has the following objectives:

  • To unite the members
  • with the purpose of building a community for the protection of professional, intellectual, social and material interests of wine professionals.
  • To work for the strengthening of the professional and public prestige of people working in the wine sector.
  • To assist and encourage the development, promotion, and support of Bulgarian wines, as well as to enhance wine culture and knowledge of the community linked to the wine sector.
  • To drive the increase of its members’ qualification and support their professional development with the aim of popularising the mission of the association.
  • To act in cooperation with the relevant public authorities in relation to the development of the wine sector and the increase of the qualification of people working with and offering wine.
  • To maintain international relations with similar associations as well as with international governmental and nongovernmental bodies and institutions.
  • To develop, as a common value, loyal economic competitiveness of the professional environment, achieved through high quality of knowledge, innovation, scientific research and applied knowledge.
  • To support and encourage educational development in the area of viniculture and to increase the opportunities for acquiring knowledge and qualification skills of students in the sector – with a priority on young people.

Greenescape Oy

GreenEscape is a Finland-based Destination Management Company specializing in innovative ecotourism and experiential ecogastrotourism opportunities, presently operating in multiple destinations in Finland, Baltics, Scandinavia, Adriatic, India, etc.

Founded by a team of team of former environmental researchers with a background in agroforestry, climate change, and ecosystem functioning, aiming to redefine ‘ecotourism‘ as a more inclusive, value-added and diversified concept and develop its mainstream potential.

GreenEscape aims at co-creating tailored regenerative ecotourism and Slow Food opportunities such as behind-the-scenes Farm to Fork tours, harvest tours, hands-on culinary-experiences, Chef’s tables, food tastings, pairings and foraging tours top visitor experiences integrating culinary heritage, etc. which address the diverse consumer needs and incorporate them in value co-creation with local partners.

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