Welcome to the AGORA interactive map, where you can explore the diverse landscape of regenerative practises across Europe. This map serves as a dynamic platform where you can immerse yourself in the regenerative initiatives that are shaping Europe’s future.

On this map you will find a variety of regenerative initiatives divided into three different categories:

  1. Community Tourism Experiences: This category includes community efforts and initiatives that bring people together to make a positive difference.
  2. Virtual Experiences: In the digital age, innovative solutions often emerge in the virtual world. Here you will find examples of regenerative practises that use technology, data and online networks to promote sustainability.
  3. Local producers: Local practises rooted in the essence of place and culture exemplify the power of grassroots movements. These are stories of individuals, small businesses and organisations working at the local level.

As you navigate through this interactive map, you will discover inspiring stories, innovative solutions and success stories of communities, tech pioneers and local heroes working to renew and transform the tourism sector.

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