5 tips for sustainable travel

Tourism generates 8% of global greenhouse gas emissions.

We are supporting greener tourism with our Agora project to promoting supporting local ecosystems by interconnecting community partners, local producers, and tourism agents and the co-designing of regenerative tourism experiences based on authenticity, originality, and sustainability.

But as individuals, we can all make conscious choices to travel more sustainably.

#EUClimatePact ambassadors Anna Staszewska from Poland and Jesus Iglesias from Spain share their tips on how to be a greener tourist:

💡Opt for accommodation that uses sustainable practices.
🚄Travel by bus, train or choose an airline that is reducing their carbon footprint.
🍏Buy local produce and souvenirs. Listen, observe and respect local ways of life.
💚Think green: Use less water, limit air conditioning, avoid crowds, use local guides, walk or
♻️ Choose ecotourism: It helps the economy by supporting small local businesses and contributes to conservation efforts of natural ecosystems.

“If 1,000 people take one small step, things will be better”, says Anna.

Learn how European Commission is supporting the green transition of tourism → europa.eu/!WwVwHn

Check out our Erasmus+ Agora project and how we are contributing to a more regenerative conception of tourism → https://agoraproject.eu/

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